We’re taking you through writing reviews on your blog! Why you should write one, who you should write them for and what to include in them.

Why write a review?

We recently held a #NZBloggers chat about reviews on blogs. We asked why bloggers would write reviews and the overwhelming response was to write reviews for yourself AND for your readers.

Why yourself? It’s keeps as a good record of your thoughts and thinking at the time of writing the post and using the product, and then becomes something you can go back to. Writing for yourself also keeps blog posts authentic and improves your writing skills.

Why readers? To help them! Someone could be looking for reassurance or guidance around a service or product. Furthermore, you could be letting your audience know what to expect when trying out a product, service or experience.

So, what gets people to read your review?

Here are some key things that will get your review read:

  • The author – you can’t go past someone you know and trust already
  • Writing style / Unique point of view
  • Authority on the topic
  • Honesty
  • Good photos
  • Humor
  • Length
  • Clear Title
  • Product related: Example of the product in action
  • Product related: What makes it good, and what isn’t so great

Further to the points above, flow of the review should make sense. The numbered points below give an example of a product review post flow:

  1. Intro and why you’re reviewing
  2. About the brand
  3. About the product / example of it in action
  4. How it meets expectations (in use / price / hype)
  5. Do you like it / loath it or Pro / Con
  6. What it’s made up of (if relevant)
  7. Rating / Comparison
  8. Recommendation / Repurchase

Don’t forget: Images throughout!

What else should be in my review?

Here are our top must-haves things for your review blog posts:
(List influenced by #NZBloggers)

  • Disclosure
  • Photos
  • Links to the Product or Service

What shouldn’t be in my review?

Things you could probably leave out of your review:

  • Unnecessary negativity towards brand / product or competitor brand / product
  • Vague explanations or rambling (people love details!)
  • Spoilers (TV/Movie/Book)
  • Direct copying and pasting from the product / service detail

Disclosure, should I?

Short answer, yes.

If you were sent the product? 100% yes. Be honest.
If you were gifted the product? Yep.
If you bought the product? Not so much.

A lot of bloggers agree that disclosing where the product / service is from is important to their personal brand and also helps gain reader trust.

Photo via kaboompics.com

We are only here to help guide you in writing your review – take the above points and tips and make the review process your own.

If you think we’ve left something out or would like to share your process for reviewing products, services or experiences – let us know in the comments! We hope this blog post was helpful!