At #brunchclub we want to provide an inclusive and fun environment for bloggers to catch up, share ideas, problems, you name it! We want you to be able to be yourselves and have a great time meeting other bloggers.

While we’re happy to make #brunchclub a sounding board for if you need to vent about a negative experience, we ask that you refrain from bitchiness. We don’t want to have bloggers upset or feeling excluded based on conversations we’ve had at #brunchclub.

We also ask that you come to #brunchclub as a blogger, not to represent a brand or company. The admins are happy to facilitate working with brands but only with official approval from us and only if they don’t intrude on the atmosphere we’re trying to provide.

To make it explicit – if you want to plug your company at #brunchclub please talk to Laura or Lenafirst.

#brunchclub is not an agency for brands to meet bloggers – if you want that we’re happy to connect you to the right people.

Official events – #brunchclub is our baby, our concept. Please refrain from organising events under the name #brunchclub in respect of that. If you are outside of Auckland, Wellington or the Manawatu and want an event in your city or town then please get in touch with us! We’d love to organise something to accommodate bringing bloggers across New Zealand together.  We also have other events like #laptopclub and #cocktailclub which we ask to follow the same guidelines.

For some specially organised #brunchclub events we will get you to pay money for your ticket. Unless specified, please note that all tickets sales are final and there are no refunds.

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