A history of #NZBloggers

Below you will find a brief history of #NZBloggers, covering key events from 2013 to today.

Blog Greatness in 2015 with #laptopclub


#BRUNCHCLUB began in late 2013, when founders Laura, Maddy, and Lizzy would get together to discuss blogging over brunch. They all quickly realised it would be a good idea to get more bloggers involved and decided to test the waters. In April 2014 they opened up their monthly catchups to the wider blogging community and hosted their first official event.

While Maddy and Lizzy are both now busy with other commitments, Laura along with Lena, Georgie and Evo organise events.

Over the years events have been held in Auckland, Hamilton, the Manawatu region, Wellington, and Christchurch.

September 2017 #BRUNCHCLUB at Rosebank
Cafe and Kitchen


#NZBloggers started in March 2014 by Rachel Is Elsewhere. Rachel started weekly chats on Twitter, inviting bloggers to participate in conversations related to blogging in the hopes of bringing the New Zealand blogging community together.

People would come together each Sunday evening to discuss blogging, with questions prepared in advance by the host blogger. Rachel started a supporting Facebook group where bloggers were encouraged to share new blog posts with the community.

Rachel moved overseas after running the chats for a few years, Laura asked to take control of the #NZBloggers facebook group and chats. As of mid-2017 the weekly twitter chats are on hiatus. You can view previous #NZBloggers twitter chat recaps here.

And beyond…

#NZBloggers aim is to bring the new zealand blogging community together. In addition to #BRUNCHLCUB events, we have hosted a wide range of other events exclusively for bloggers including workshops on topics such as

All of these activities have the aim of getting members of the blogging community and connecting over our shared hobby.

#BRUNCHCLUB events have lead to lifelong friendships, professional and personal collaborations, and so much fun.

#bcarigatocontiki at Sachie's Kitchen, photo by Edward Weaver
Dumpling making class at Sachie’s Kitchen

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