Last night Kelsey from Kelsey avoiding tinder hosted a fun chat on blogging. After she volunteered to host one of the #NZBloggers chat I spent a good hour or so reading each and every one of her blog posts from her relatively new blog. Her writing is hilarious and yet also incredibly articulate, and it’s definitely one of my new must-reads, go check it out!

The hour of chatting was based around Writing: Creativity, Humour and the Pursuit of Romance (far more inventive than my usual titles) and there was a good variety of questions/answers.


Inspiration comes in many forms, as we all know, from conversations we have to things we see and do. Creative license varies and obviously depends on the type of blog you have and the way you write.


This was my favourite question of the night, it’s interesting to see what types of writing style people are attracted to and what authors serve as our inspiration.

Some of us love to write in a cafe whilst others prefer the silence of a study room at home. Some (definitely not me) like to sneakily blog at work, others write blogs down in a notepad whilst out and about. Variety is the spice of life!


Humour and memes, most of us like to inject a bit of humour into our posts (some of us try and fail, i think that’s just me though) but the verdict is still out on whether the meme is over. 


Comments, likes, shares, engagement – these are all easy ways to track what readers like to see on the blog (a heck of a lot easier than dating some might say). Now all we need is some form of google analytics for dates.

Thanks heaps to Kelsey for hosting the discussion, we all had heaps of fun and it was awesome to see so many bloggers from the Tron take part! 

Make sure you tune in, from 8-9pmNZT Sunday night, with #NZBloggers, and if you want to host one night or have any topics you want discussed let us know.