Hey Bloggers!

This Sunday the beautiful Cass (from one of the most stunning beauty blogs around, CassandraMyee) hosted a chat on tips and tricks for photography. I missed the majority of it, but learnt heaps just through scrolling through all of the answers people gave (what do you mean there’s more to life than Instagram filters?!). For those who don’t want to scroll through the twitter, here’s a quick recap for ya!

Question 1:Jumping straight on in, why is photography so important to our blogs? There were so many different answers, it seemed to come down to drawing readers in, capturing their attention with blog imagery and then keeping them with the rest of your content. Most people did seem to agree that it was a pretty important feature of a blog, but this does come down to what type of content you produce (e.g. a fashion blog vs a mental health blog).

Question 2: What cameras and equipment did people tend to use, and what would the recommend to others (especially newbies, or the photography impaired *cough*can’t take good photos to save my life*cough*)? Again, there was obviously a huge variety of answers (to each their own), however I was happy to see that it’s not absolutely necessary to own expensive equipment, provided you put a bit of thought into the photos and try to optimise your lighting!

Question 3: Next up the NZBloggers discussed where they find inspiration for their photography, their were some common answers like other blogs, magazines, pinterest and so on, as well as just things in life like animals, travel etc.

Question 4: Cass asked whether people try to maintain a certain style of photography and use it to help with their blog identity. This one was interesting for me, as trying to come up with a certain style is a constant challenge, so it was interesting to hear other’s opinions and see what works for them.

Question 5: Are bloggers interested in photography courses (have they done any, do they want to)? Another varied answer, a few who swore by them, a few who wouldn’t spend the money on it, and a few (like myself) who sit on the fence and would probably go along to one if it was convenient.

Cass finished off the hour by giving everyone a chance to throw out any last tips, got your notepads ready?

That’s it folks! A huge thank you to Cass for hosting such a useful and informative chat, make sure you check out her blog (and see some gorgeous photography for yourself!). Make sure you join in over at #NZBloggers, from 8-9pm NZT on Sunday evenings.

If you would like to take a turn hosting, please let us know. If you have ideas for what you want discussed but without the pressure of hosting, also let us know!

Have an amazing week!!