This weeks #NZBloggers chat was a foodie related one, hosted by the lovely Sarah from Zomato (our favourite food review website!).

Question One: What influences your experience at a restaurant the most?

The answers for this were pretty uniform across the board: Good food, good staff, good service with a bit of ambience thrown in for good measure. Price was another factor that came up but this was more to do with value. So expensive is fine if you get what you pay for.

Question 2: Would you review a restaurant if you had a bad experience or would you discuss it with mgmt first?

Most people were on agreement that you should always give a restaurant a chance to fix any issue, either contacting management or just giving it a second go to make sure it wasn’t just a one off experience. People seemed to prefer reviews that were honest about their dining experience but not unfairly harsh on the restaurant in question.

Question Three: Which is more important – the food? Or the service?

This one was definitely the toughest question of the night. Obviously service is incredibly important, but ultimately it seemed that the consensus was that the food was most important. The food is what can attract you to try somewhere new, the food is what you are ultimately eating at a restaurant for. Good food and average service seemed preferable to great service but average food. This definitely doesn’t mean service isn’t what creates an experience and keeps people going back!

Question Four – What kind of ambience do you look for in your dining experience?

Obviously this varied but some common threads were not being too noisy, good lighting, relaxed atmosphere but still creating a dining experience worth paying for. Also it seems like fonts on menus are more important than first guess!

Thanks to Zomato and Sarah for another fun chat to wrap up the week! Thanks to all the bloggers who join us for #NZBloggers chat (even when we clash with Xfactor or Broadchurch), it’s so great to see everyone’s different opinions! Until next week…