Rhiana from Death to Cardio took over last week’s #NZBloggers chat – she did an amazing job, talking about all things fitness and health. Make sure you check out Rhiana’s blog too.

Rhiana kicked off the chat my introducing herself and then quickly onto the first question..

This is actually really refreshing to hear – we thought that a lot of bloggers (who are also trend setters) may feel pressured or forced into being healthy or treating ‘health’ a certain way. Good on you #nzbloggers for keeping your heads on!

Finding a fitness class, technique that you like or using a personal trainer are great suggestions for people who lack the motivation. Some more tips like downloading and listening to Pod Casts or Books are great – also try different types of ways to get fitness in, for example dance classes or pole dancing lessons!
Find something that you LIKE, find something that is FUN.

These basically sum me up – oops. Anyone else? The first step is identifying!

Talk about amazing self love – go you guys!

Huge thank you to Rhiana from Death to Cardio for hosting this week – you asked some really amazing questions which got us all thinking about ourselves, inside and out. Perfect type of chat!

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