Hey Brunch Clubbers!

To get your week off to a good start, here is the recap for last night’s #NZBloggers chat that was hosted by the lovely Amanda who blogs over at A State of Autumn. She chose to get the discussion flowing with some great questions on the different tools and resources we use as bloggers, needless to say we all learnt heaps and I have been trying out new things all day!

For those who missed out, or just want to check out the highlights, here is a brief overview of the questions and some of the suggestions were (but the best way to get all this knowledge is to set an alarm for 8pm Sunday night and take part!).

Question one started off by looking at everyone’s go to tools for blogging. There was a huge range of answers; from a pen and paper, to a giant excel spreadsheet or a multitude of apps and plugins.

There were also a few great suggestions for photo related tools:

Amanda’s next question looked more specifically at how we use blogging resources to improve our productivity and blog in a more efficient way.

There are way too many awesome tips to fit them all in, but we all seem to have slightly different ways to keep our blog effective and productive!

It was interesting to look at the paid and free resources, as there seem to be heaps of good free things available, but sometimes it’s definitely worth the money to splash out on something like Lightbox.


One paid resource that Amanda brought up was ebooks/ecourses! I’m pining to do Blog Life by A Beautiful Mess, but it seems like there are a fair few other good options!

When talking specifically about how blogging resources/tools can help with our blogging inspiration/motivation, it was cool to see that variety of ways we all seek out ideas and content.

Last up was a great question to end a wonderfully useful chat on!

Obviously we should all become app developers with all that spare time we have up our never-ending sleeves!

Thanks so much to Amanda for the great chat, it’s awesome to see our blogging community all sharing ideas and tips freely, and learning from others. Make sure you check out her beautiful blog over at www.astateofautumn.com

Make sure you join us, our #NZBloggers chats are on from 8-9pm NZT every Sunday night! And if you have a burning topic either drop us a line, or maybe host one yourself! Get in touch, we love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Monday folks xxx