Sorry for being a little slack on the recaps for the last couple of weeks! I’ve definitely been a bad blogger across the board, so this chat on how to stay motivated, inspired and organised could not have come at a better time.

The amazing Hannah from A Lovely Look hosted our chat this week, and as expected it was a really great discussion that made me optimistic that this week might be a little more successful blog wise.


We all get inspired by life; the awkward interactions we have, the random experiences we come across, the interesting things we read. Inspiration is everywhere, you just gotta have your eyes open to see it!

Seems like most people recommend that when you are experiencing a blogging slump, the best thing is to step away from the blog for a little while. Whether it’s a week or a year sometimes space can work wonders for restoring that passion for blogging. Other than that, people also suggested going and doing other productive things such as taking care of social media. This is a great tip as it means you can still drive views to your previous posts without having to get motivated to create new content. 

We all seem to use our hobbies in some way or another with our blog. And it’s awesome to see the huge variety of things we do in our spare time!

There are SO many things that can hinder our blogging. From the usual factors such as tiredness, exhaustion from work/parenting/studying/socialising, to the unfortunate negative aspects we get from putting things on online like negative feedback. The main thing I took from this was that we all feel it. There are always days where we want to pack it in, chuck our computer in the garbage and never read a blog post again. And that’s why it’s so awesome that we have such a supportive community to help us get back up and continue doing this labour of love.

People have so many amazing tips on staying organized! From spreadsheets to notebooks, plugins to calendars. It’s great to try a few different ways until you find what works for you and your blog.

Keeping original in a pretty saturated blog environment can be a challenge! Bonus points to you niche bloggers who are able to create content without much risk of it already being done, for the rest of us who blog on the same subjects as what feels like everyone else it can be a bit trickier! Most #NZBloggers suggested keeping your creativity and your voice in your post, so that even if your blogging about the same subject as everyone else you have your own spin on it. Without that then there is no reason for someone to read your post over any other, whereas a unique take on something, or a particular voice someone has can make all the difference!

A big thank you to Hannah for hosting this chat, I hope it helped people get a little more inspired to take control of their blogging space!

Make sure you come and take part in our chats, 8-9pm NZT on a Sunday night. If you have anything to add to our discussion please add it as a comment, see you all next week!!