Last night’s #NZBloggers chat was hosted by yours truly (Lizzy from myfoxycorner – sorry you’ll be getting sick of me!) but the genius questions were thanks to the amazing Maddy from madicattt (one of the first blogs I ever fell in love with). We discussed things around reflections on our blogging experiences so far; what we have learnt so far and what our accomplishments have been. It was an awesome mix of answers, there’s a brief recap below for those who missed it.

There were way to many answers to these questions to give you all the good ones (I’m not sure why I’m even trying) but some common threads were around being authentic to yourself as a blogger, and not constantly comparing your blog to all the other blogs on the internet. I loved the focus on blogging for enjoyment, and having breaks when you need to. There’s nothing worse than a hobby you love becoming a chore you can’t stand.

We’ve all made those mistakes from not fact-checking properly, put the wrong price for an item, missed a critical spelling error, posted things in the heat of moment only to regret it the next day. It’s good to know that we aren’t alone, everyone makes mistakes no matter how experienced, hopefully you just learn enough to not keeping making the same mistakes over and over.

Blogging no-gos – basically don’t be a dick, don’t steal peoples work, don’t undervalue yourself. Take pride in being authentic and being yourself on your blog, that’s what makes others want to specifically read what you have to say.

Success comes in many forms! From page views to compliments on the street, every bit counts and is something to be proud of. Heck, taking the time out of your day to publish your thoughts on the internet is something to be proud of in itself. The advice for others boiled down to patience (hard work and results take time) as well as reaching out for support (if you don’t put your blog out there and go for those opportunities, they won’t necessarily come and find you!).

There are so many helpful resources out there for new bloggers, experienced bloggers, even bloggers who think they have it all sorted!

You bloggers are what make these chats so freaking inspiring and valuable. Every week I am stunned at how incredibly positive and supportive our community is, so open to sharing what you have learnt and how you have grown. Thanks for another fab chat to brighten up the end of a weekend!

Don’t forget to join us, 8-9pm NZT on Sunday evenings (follow @NZBloggers for updates). See you next week!