This week #NZBloggers was a little different! Rather than the usual system, Laura hosted a Q&A hour focused around the more technical side of blogging and self-hosting.

I’m sure everyone knows Laura, but in case you don’t let me just introduce her:-
Laura is one of my favourite bloggers, one third of #brunchclub and is a bit of a wizard when it comes to blogging and all the stuff that hurts my brain (CSS, SEO, WTF and all other confusing acronyms). She is incredibly generous with her knowledge and frequently helps out bloggers over on the #brunchclub Facebook group. Not only is she our blog-mum, she is also just an awesome human being. Go be friends with her on twitter and soak up her amazingness.

The chat was super-informative for all of us who asked questions and for those who were there to just get some tips. Below are a few great pointers that came up over the hour.

First off Laura answered an earlier question about some resources for learning some of these skills yourself!

Alisha asked a good question about how to get more people reading our blogs! Key point from the answers: engage!! Engage with your readers, engage with other bloggers.

Along the same lines was a question about commenting platforms. The resounding answer around which platforms to use was Disqus, so if you don’t already have this set up, you should!

In case, like me, you were looking at your shrinking space for media and freaking out, here is Laura’s (very sensible) suggestion.

Then we get to the CSS questions. There were a few (I think we know where our weak point lies) so a few good ones are included below.

Making your blog mobile responsive seems like a good idea for making it easier for readers to stay engaged on the go. Making your site responsive may need a bit more work so just take it slow.

Chelsea was over-flowing with excellent questions! Another popular subject was SEO (search engine optimisation) and although this seems daunting at first, there are some simple things that can be done which can help a whole lot with your blog being seen more.

Overall the chat was something different, and gave us all a few tips for looking after our blogs. We have a few excellent resources on this blog from Laura to help with blogging (like this one on what to do once you start a blog) and also check out Laura’s blog for more excellent tips (I refer to this Wordpress Plugins post allllllll the time).

I think this chat did two things – it made me realise how little I know about so much stuff and also reminded me that there are SO many amazing bloggers on twitter with knowledge on different things. Don’t feel like you have to figure it all out on your own, because it turns out that most people are more than happy to help.

Don’t forget to join in for our #NZBloggers chats which are held between 8-9pm, Sunday nights over on the twitter.

xo Lizzy