Last night I (myfoxycorner) hosted our weekly #NZBloggers chat on the art of networking, getting bloggers to share their tips, tricks and questions around how to network successfully when it comes to your blog and/or business!

Thanks to everyone who came and took part, it was an awesome chat that got #NZBloggers trending on twitter (I’m always a little proud of our awesome community when that happens!).

Before I get into the recap, if you have any suggestions for upcoming topics or want to have a go hosting then let me know!

There’s a good mixture of those who intentionally try to network every chance they get, those who fall in to it by accident, and those who do a little of both! People network to support others, try and get others engaged with the work that they do and keep up with what’s going on within the blogging community.

People bring up their blog when it feels right, some of us are terrified at doing so and to others it comes naturally, but either way it’s good to be aware of your surroundings and use that to your advantage when promoting your work and developing relationships. It was good to hear that generally people get supportive, positive results when they do pluck up the courage to share their work with others.

Networking has helped #NZBloggers increase their traffic, their engagement and best of all their confidence! Getting that mutual support and feedback is great for staying motivated and keeping the growth going for your blog.

  For those who network online there are the usual social media suspects like twitter, instagram and facebook as well as just ensuring you comment on other people’s blogs (with relevant comments, not just a plug for your own blog). 



Networking online definitely seems to be the easier option (especially for us introverts) but it has to be said that engaging with relevant communities in person can prove invaluable to your blog. Sometimes its easier to stand out and be remembered if you can make that personal connection at events etc.


Everyone shared some great tips on what makes for successful networking (especially with the aim of staying authentic and creating those real connections). My favourite theme was that it’s most important to be yourself, and be proud of the work that you do! It’s also great to have things like business cards and media kits available to help brands and businesses make that decision to work with you. If you need help with setting up your media kit we did a little post on this.


Networking isn’t also easy, issues can range from not feeling super confident in dealing with large groups of people to not having enough time to get around to all the people at events! At both ends of the spectrum there are struggles and it was interesting to see some that I hadn’t even considered (like the physical isolation of living somewhere less central where the blogging community has less engagement and respect).


Lastly bloggers chatted about what networking had helped establish important blogging relationships. Brunchclub was a recurring factor which is incredibly awesome because that was exactly the aim we had creating brunchclub; establishing events where people could meet new faces, get inspiration and motivation to blog and make friends over coffee and good food. Networking has also helped people by giving them get exposure which has resulted in awesome opportunities which demonstrates how important it is to put yourself and your blog out there.

Hope you all have an awesome week! See you all next Sunday, from 8pm-9pm NZT at NZBloggers

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