This weekend we had Stella from Stellaxox blog take over the account and chat about all things music and how music helps you get into the zone.

Music is a common helper for people studying, or getting into the zone or grove should we say. It’s a great way to help keep concentration and also inspire you into a certain mood or way of thinking. Stella did a great job at bringing attention to music and blogging and how they work together in this weeks chat.

It goes to show that everyone has their own form of sound or music or noise that helps them blog!

So many genres but one that did keep appearing was pop. That makes sense as a lot of blogs are positive and upbeat!

So many great artists! I think we should’ve made a playlist…

If it’s not music it’s TV and Tea! It seems like we all agree on that!

Thanks again Stella for a great chat! If you didn’t join in but would like to still participate you can jump on the #nzbloggers hashtag on twitter or leave a comment below.

Do you use music to get into the blogging groove?

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