Two Sundays ago, the wonderful Samantha from Planet Bake Life hosted a food related chat, good enough to sink your teeth into! (sorry, couldn’t help it). It was a great chat and Sam did a great job ((no surprises there) with some thoughtful questions about food and food blogs. Delayed recap but its definitely worth a read (although have snacks prepared as you might get rather hungry).


Turns out that there is a huge variety of local and international foodblogs for us to all go and checkout! A lot of local love which is always awesome to see 🙂 Speaking of amazing food blogs, make sure you go check out Sam’s!

There seemed to be a slight preference for rustic blogs (I feel ya) but overall, if the content is good and the recipes are delicious, it doesn’t matter what style you fit into.

There were a lot of delicious recipes that were floating around during this hour, particularly in response to this question about a post people had been meaning to try out!

Great question. Mine would be cheese, without a doubt. But there were some other great answers, I think we mostly just wanted an excuse to make/taste test our favourite food groups.

Curse those recipes that refuse to photograph as delicious as they taste! Turned out that cakes were a popular choice for favourite to photograph, although its understandable as a lot of effort goes into making them look delectable!

Thanks to Sam for a wonderful chat (that made us all rather hungry)! Make sure you go say hi to Sam on twitter or check out her beautiful blog (there are some drool-worthy recipes on there).

Tune in weekly for our #NZBloggers chats, 8-9pm on Sunday nights with a bunch of wide ranging topics. If you are interested in hosting a week, flick us a message on twitter 🙂

See ya Sunday!