NZbloggers TaupoKicking off the first #nzbloggers chat for 2015 was the beautiful Rebecca from

Rebecca’s chat focused on creativity. How bloggers find it, use it, what stops it etc. It was such a great chat, and below you can find the questions and some great highlights of the chat.

A lot of people were saying the summery, hot weather was a big distraction for them. Others mentioned working full time and juggling a part time / full time job just gets too much sometimes. Do you find it easier in winter or summer to blog?

Some other great tips for getting back in the zone included, get outside into the fresh air, read relevant books, try to relax, have a day or week break from blogging, start with something small, try getting or doing a guest blog post, start up a fun and frequent feature for your blog to help create consistent blogging. What is your number one tip for getting back into the zone?

It definitely seemed like a lot of people like to use prompts or blog tags for when they are in a bit of blogging rut. Perhaps a monthly recap or instagram round up could be a good/easy post too?

There is definitely an array of answers here – and it does just go to show that everyone works differently!

There was also some really exciting news: we all got #nzbloggers trending!

Thanks everyone! This weeks chat kicked off 2015 with a bang, and we hope Rebecca with be back later in the year for another great chat! In the meantime, why not check her out on facebook.

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