This week’s chat was hosted by Maddy of, a lifestyle blog. Maddy’s topic was Brand Identity, and how that fits in with blogs and bloggers.

Stella kicked it off early asking a very important question…

Maddy kicked it off at 8pm NZ time with her first Brand Identity question…

So matter what you blog about it’s always good to remember to have your personality present!

Find what works for you in expressing that and roll with it. It could be photographs, quotes, how you sign off, how you start etc.

Maddy made a good point in saying “Lots of people talking about brand and trust. Great brands are trusted by their readers / customers etc. Respect your audience’s trust. That means honesty, full disclosure and not accepting opportunities which are grossly off brand.”
This is so true – you wouldn’t expect to see Nigella writing a blog post about doing a DIY Deck in her backyard.

Your elevator pitch can easily be expanded on to be your about section on your site and across social medias, in your media kit, and your sidebar. Short and snappy and telling it how it is is definitely the way to go!

Lots of love hanging out on the #nzbloggers hashtag last night! We actualy managed to get #nzbloggers trending again too – well done Maddy, thanks for hosting an amazing chat!

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