Hey guys,

Running a bit behind with these recaps, sorry! This one is not for the Sunday just gone, but the one before (16 May) where Lizzy from myfoxycorner.co.nz hosted a chat on reading and books (and how that plays into our blogosphere). I’m writing about myself in third person here which is surprisingly awkward, sorry in advance. It seemed to be a really fun chat, with quite a few faces who hadn’t taken part before.

Question one was an easy one to get the ball rolling and see what everyone’s reading patterns were like.

Most of us are the same and spend more time on the internet that could be spent reading! It can be a tricky thing to prioritise (and sometimes not one that people need to focus on) but I think I’ll aim to by like those who make sure to squeeze in a bit of reading daily. For me its a bit like exercise in that once it is part of my routine, it makes my life more enjoyable. Genre wise there was a huge variety (which is awesome).

Lots of great answers for what makes a great book, but recurring ideas were character development along with a plot that is well-done and keeps you guessing. I wholeheartedly agree as most of my favourite books are usually ones where the characters were standout and stuck in my mind long after finishing.

As I expected, there was a pretty good split for those who favoured e-readers for their ease and convenience and those who just can’t get past the smell of a new book (its not weird, I swear) and turning those pages. I will never not fill my house with books but I also miss my iPad dearly which I used as an e-reader.

Quite a few bloggers who, like myself, slip in book related posts but don’t blog exclusively about books. Also some people who don’t include books on their blogs/channels and who don’t read any either. Love the variety of answers 😀

For those of us who use reviews, we want to know how the book made the reader feel and their personal experience, but without giving away too much! Some people don’t want to read reviews in case it gives away too much (which I totally understand) and others are hooked to Goodreads (like myself).

I couldn’t help but slip in this question, and there were way too many interesting answers for me to put them all here! One thing I took from this was how it seemed pretty easy for people to think on 1 book that was important to them, which I think is pretty cool. Sometimes its so easy to underestimate how much books influence us, which makes me wonder how life is different for those who just never read and whether there is some other source of inspiration and so forth. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this!

Such great answers. Great characters. Again, too many to include in this recap so you’ll just have to scroll on through the #NZBloggers tag on twitter. I had so much fun hosting this chat and was so happy that others enjoyed it too! The amazing Rachel put together this list on Goodreads of all the books people mentioned (which is incredible, thank you so much!) so you can go check it out and get some book inspiration!

Sorry for making this recap super long, make sure you join in with the #NZBloggers chats, from 8pm-9pm over on Twitter! You can follow us here and send us a message if you are interested in hosting. Also, make sure you check out my blog, which since yesterday is finally self-hosted, woo! (bit of shameless self-promotion :P) myfoxycorner.co.nz