This week’s #NZBloggers chat was hosted by Laura of LauraLauraBlog who had us all talking the night away with how we stay (or don’t stay) organised with our blogs. There was a lot of sharing around tips that others had for staying organised with blogging which was really awesome to see, definitely worth a read of the recap if you didn’t get a chance to join (or had to drive home half way through the chat like me -.-).

Turns out that there is a lot of organised bloggers out there (I am in awe of all you) but luckily I am not the only one who does struggle. Constantly. If you struggle then you’re gonna want to keep reading…

Turns out that I have a lot to learn! But thanks to the tips from those who seem to have this who blog/life/work balance sorted I feel like maybe I can work to being one step closer to posting regularly.

Turns out that procrastination and not enough hours in the day are the most frequent reasons for bloggers not feeling organised. I can relate.

There is not enough space in this blogpost to write up the incredible amount of useful tips from fellow bloggers on how to stay organised so if you are looking for some help, go and read through the #NZBloggers or see what Laura retweeted over on the NZBloggers account! There’s a lot of good stuff, and if you can start incorporating just one tip into your blogging habits, you might see some positive changes!

In case you hadn’t already realised, Laura had some great questions tonight that really got a lot of amazing discussion going. I think we can all struggle with bouts of laziness or being in a bit of a blogging “funk”, so try and get back to the essence of why we do what we do. ‘Cause we love it. Another great tip was to seek inspiration from others and make sure you are connecting with other bloggers and their blogs, especially when you are needing a bit of a boost. Oh yea, and participate in these chats. Turns out they’re awesome.

Let us know what motivates you to blog and helps you push through those periods where we can’t think up a blog post to save our life.

Thanks to Laura for hosting yet another amazing chat, I found it incredibly motivating and hope others did too.

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