A couple of Sunday’s ago, Melissa from MelissaLosesIt hosted a great #NZBloggers chat. As a relative newcomer to the blogging scene (but with amazing posts already under her belt) she had questions on blogging basics that catered for everyone and they were great discussion starters.

The hour of blogging talk started off with an easy question to see what had motivated bloggers to start blogging. There was a great variety of reasons, but one recurring theme was that we all wanted somewhere that was ours, to do with what we wanted.


We all have things we wish we had known on day 1 of the blogging game, it was interesting to see the different things people had picked up which would have been helpful at the start.

Blogging can sometimes take you places you don’t expect, sometimes it goes exactly according to plan (occasionally it just doesn’t do much and then takes off all of a sudden). Melissa’s next question catered to peoples expectations of their blogs.

The fourth question looked at whether people changed their blog design, and if so why. Turns out quite a few of us like to change it up every now and again, whilst others decide on their design and then just make tweaks towards perfection.

Lastly, bloggers talked about what the most satisfying thing was about blogging, and what their motivation was to keep it up.

Turns out we all just really love to engage with other awesome people, and create content that others connect with. 

Thanks to Melissa for the great chat, make sure you go check out her blog!

Don’t forget to tune in weekly, Sunday 8-9pm, for the #NZBloggers chat, and if you are keen to host an evening let us know!