Hey guys!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, capped off with our weekly #NZBloggers chat, last night at 8pm. I (myfoxycorner) hosted a discussion around Blog Monetisation, something I know nothing about and was keen to learn from other, more experienced, bloggers!

Blog monetisation is a pretty wide ranging topic, covering things like affiliate links all the way to producing ebooks or online courses through your blog. Basically, we talked about how you can make money on your blog, when you should start looking in to doing this and what to look out for or be aware of.

We had someone great advice so I’ve recapped a few key tweets for each question below! Feel free to also peruse the #NZBloggers chat to go through all the answers, and add your own!

First up, we talked about what we already know with blog monetisation; what methods are there and what’s the point of it all.

– I feel ya.

(Cate was on fire with the different options that are available!)

Next, I asked those who already have strategies in place what they have found works best for them, and also what the challenges are that they face in the process of monetisation.

As an aside, we talked about the difference between sponsored ads and affiliate links.

The third question was on what a blogger should focus on establishing with their blog before they being trying to make money from it. How soon is too soon to look to make money, or is there no reason to wait?

Disclosure is always an interesting subject, and was quite relevant with the topic of blog monetisation, specifically with things like sponsored posts/paid content.

Following on from disclosure, question four looked at how bloggers managed to maintain their integrity and identity once you start looking into monetising your blog, how do we make sure this doesn’t affect our brand and our voice?

Meagan shared so much amazing advice on this topic!

The hour flew by, I hope we all learnt heaps (I did, but then when you know nothing that’s not hard). Thanks so much to all the bloggers who came along and shared their knowledge, and also to those who had some great questions.

If you want a bit of reading on the subject there is this article on how to monetise your blog, and this interesting discussion about the downside to sponsored ads on a blog.

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