NZbloggers Taupo
This weeks chat was beauty focused, and hosted by Lena from

Lena wanted to make sure that all bloggers, not just beauty bloggers, could participate in the chat – so she started off by saying “Tonight we’re chatting about beauty blogging. I know there have been a few beauty chats before but I’ve tried to come up with some different questions, and they should be relevant to those who read beauty blogs too!” It was such a great chat, below is our recap of the questions!

Finding a niche in blogging is hard, so finding a niche within beauty blogging must be quite difficult. A lot of beauty bloggers have said that while they might be on their way to finding their niche – it’s all about their voice and opinions that matter.

It was obvious that each blogger has their own favourite thing – that’s why we love blogging so much! Lots of things to fall in love with.

Definitely a fix of struggles when it comes to beauty blogging that are completely relevant to other bloggers too! Time ,money, enthusiasm, life!

Again, a lot of variety in the answers to this question. It seems that having your personality shine through and having good photographs go a lot way in regards to keeping people on your blog and getting them to return!

Hanks Lena for hosting a great #nzloggers chat. You can catch her on @lenatalksbeauty and over at