On Sunday night Sophie hosted a chat on all things beauty and beauty blogging. Sophie has a beautiful blog over at Nana Wintour where she discusses things ranging from makeup to books. Below is a recap of her questions for the #NZBloggers!

There’s nothing like beauty bloggers to make you feel slack for not wearing makeup most days haha! I kid, there were a variety of answers to this, ranging from people who never wore makeup/saved it for special occasions to those who don’t leave the house without it. Brand wise, as expected, there was a huge amount of different brands that people gravitate towards.

Beauty blogs and vlogs, whether its on a website or in a youtube video we all seem to be exposed to a fair amount of beauty related discussion! People seem to prefer youtube videos in general, but both have their place in the beauty community! Of course the amazing Shannon Harris got mentioned a few times (and she was the first NZ beauty youtuber I was ever exposed to).

The internet is the biggest enabler for most of us, and the amount of products people have been inspired to purchase thanks to beauty blogs/vlogs is pretty amazing! The Naked Palettes are the obvious mention, with many others to be included.

My favourite question of the night what what beauty product each #NZBlogger would create if they could; such incredible, creative answers (we’re a talented lot, where these beauty brands at?!).

Last up #NZBloggers left us with their suggestions for which beauty blogs they read and enjoy on a frequent basis! We had a whole range, there’s a small list below in case you need some ideas for how to procrastinate tasks by reading endless beauty blogs or watching youtube videos (which I never do…), but the amount of beauty blogs out there are pretty endless (and there are so many amazing ones it can be hard to keep up!).

Thanks so much to Sophie for hosting! Tune in from 8-9pm each Sunday NZT for #NZBloggers chat, follow us on twitter @NZBloggers and make sure to let us know if there are any topics you want covered.

Have a great week to all you lovely #NZBloggers 🙂