Last night’s chat was one of my favourites because it was a chance to get a whole bunch of useful feedback and ideas from all of the #NZBloggers.

I kind of fell into this role of taking care of the chats, and the pressure to keep them interesting, enjoyable and engaging for the community can feel a little challenging at times! Thanks for all of your help and participation that helps keep these going.

First off we had a bit of a general catch up and shared some of the positive moments of our week.


What an awesome way to end the week by appreciating the positives. This might have to be something I do for myself more often.

So many interesting posts, it’s awesome (and sometimes quite emotional) to see the blog posts that have stuck out for you.

Have I mentioned how you are all amazing bloggers, cause ya are!

Next we got on to our discussion around the chats themselves, and how I can make them bigger and better.

The feedback I took was that everyone seems to enjoy them (when we remember that it’s on haha) and that you would love it if we could arrange for wine and snacks to be delivered at your door at 8pm (preferably by someone such as Hugh Jackman). Working on it.

Seems like most people enjoy Sunday nights, but that could be a pretty biased poll seeing as the people who prefer Sunday are more likely to take part on a Sunday haha. I promise to do a proper poll on our Facebook page to ensure this view is the same for all of you wonderful folks.

So many great topic ideas, I pinky promise I am working on these for you.

Seems like I’m not always just writing these for myself (which 100% is what it feels like haha) so the recaps will stick around for now and I will continue trying to do them each week but almost definitely failing every now and again.

Overall I came away with heaps of great feedback and some awesome group brainstorming of what you guys want from these chats. Please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback where ever is easiest – below in the comments, or flick me an email at

And if you are interested in hosting either this year or next year then simply fill out a contact form here and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for making this such a fun little hobby to take care of, and make sure you join in each Sunday from 8-9pm NZT with #NZBloggers 🙂

– Lizzy xxx