Amanda from MoveLoveEat is a seriously talented woman. She’s an accountant, food lover, and an amazing personal trainer – she also just moved cities with her partner and opened up a bootcamp company!

Amanda jumped (heh) at the chance to do a #nzbloggers chat and thought she would incorporate her knowledge across both fitness and finance in the one chat – especially since it’s nearing the end of the financial year in NZ.

I think it’s really easy to say you don’t have time for fitness or your health, I know I say that, but Amanda asked the hard question and said if you have time for blogging – you have time for looking after yourself! So true!

There are a lot of suggestions here for both recipes and suggestions for fun fitness! Also, if you haven’t tried zoodles yet – you need to get on to that asap.

This was a great question because if you’re spending time and money on your blog and purchasing products or things like food for recipes especially for your blog, you’ve got to keep an eye on it – it all adds up.

DO you?

Thanks Amanda for a great chat! Check out MoveLoveEat, her blog and follow Amanda on twitter!