Last night Elese hosted a chat that seemed to gather a lot of great engagement from the #NZBloggers community, all around #nobullshitblogging and what that means to each of us.

Seems like for most of us #nobullshitblogging is pretty clear, it’s about being authentic and real online, the same as you would be offline. It’s about making sure that you keep your online space exactly that, yours.

Such a great question at a time when Facebook blogs and Instagram reviews are popping up left, right and centre. To each their own, as always, and if reviewing things via social medial is your jam then go hard! A blog generally is considered a website of some form, where content is crafted and can be searched (as opposed to disappearing in a feed never to be seen again). Of course there are no rules to blogging, but generally social media was discussed as being a source of support for your blog, not a blog platform in itself.

There are heaps of amazing no bullshit blogs, let us know in the comments what yours are!

Sponsored posts are where #nobullshitblogging can become a bit of a hassle! A lot of us have experienced the challenge about blogging about something where there’s either free products or money involved, and suddenly the line of authenticity can become a little fuzzy. The tips from the night were amazing, basically blog about sponsored content in the exact same way as you normally blog. Be creative and unique on your take on a sponsored product or post and let your personality be present. This does two things: keeps your readers engaged and interested, and it gives the brand/publicity agent/pr company a reason to keep working with you! Also, be selective about what you choose to feature, it’s okay to turn down products or posts that don’t fit with you. You don’t have to compromise your online voice and space.

Give feedback and comments to the blogs you enjoy reading, let them know when they do a good job so that they can keep it up! Easy.

It was a really great chat, and a discussion that was positive and constructive which is always awesome to see on #NZBloggers. Thanks so much to Elese who is not only an incredible person but also runs her own space on the internet over at

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