You’ve put in all this work starting up,  creating content, editing photos and styling your blog posts just how you want.

How would you feel if it all just disappeared, for good? Devastated. Sick to your stomach. Horrible. Annoyed. Feeling like using a lot of swear words too, I bet!

We’re here to help. It’s time to learn how to back up your blog – it’s something that you know you should’ve done about five times already, and you know it’s not that hard you just can’t find the time… Find. The. Time.

The most important thing to back up is your blog content, that’s your words. We’ll take you through just how easy it is below, click on an image to see the instructions:

Blogger blogging help - Learn how to back up your blog, #nzbloggers WordPress blogging help - Learn how to back up your blog, #nzbloggers WordPress blogging help - Learn how to back up your blog, #nzbloggers

Shouldn’t my hosting company do my back ups for me?

Well – no.  This is a service that good hosts do automatically, and that you can access for a fee should you need it. Backing up a blog or website isn’t a service that all hosts do, and even if they do – you should be doing them at intervals that suit you. They might do them quarterly

I’ve backed up my blog, now what?

We hear you. You’ve now got these files that have weird file extensions and don’t open in anything. You want to keep these somewhere safe. Depending on how often you’re backing up computer (let’s go with never) we recommend grabbing a service like Google Drive or Dropbox. As you start collecting more and more back ups, you can delete older ones.

How often should I back up my blog?

This really depends on how often you blog Vs how many blog posts you’re willing to lose. You might want to do it weekly, monthly, daily.  Pick something that suits you and stick to it, otherwise you could lose your precious content and time spent creating it.

If you have any more tips or feedback for us to add to this post, please leave a comment!

We hoped this was an informative post for you to learn how to back up your blog!