After hosting a few #brunchclub mornings and our first #laptopclub this month, we realised that there is definitely a space in the blogging community for more casual-social events (#brunchclub) and technical get togethers (#laptopclub)

We’d love for you to come to these once a month to purely hang out and chat blogging. Come up with ideas together, start working together or collaborating on each others blogs, but most of all just confirm the blogger community. We want it to be about making friends, chatting and meeting like-minded people – because at events there sometimes just isnt enough time!

The idea for #laptopclub was born in the early days of #brunchclub, infact at a brunch (this is why those brunches are so awesome). Workshops for New Zealand bloggers to attend and be taught things to help further their blogging experience. These workshops could be on the following subjects: CSS, Photography, WordPress, Photoshop, Make Up, PR & Blog Relationships, Media Kit Making, Blogging Etiquette, Monetising Your Blog, HTML, Social Media… the list goes on.
The #laptopclub area of #brunchclub is constantly expanding and allows us to grow and create a knowledgable and fun blogging community in NZ.

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