If you have participated this week, make sure you join our link up below and please make sure that the #BlogGreatness hashtag is in your post (preferably linking to us) somewhere!

Join the link up below for this weeks challenge below – it’s ENERGISED. This week, we’re inviting anyone and everyone to share their blogging tips!

To find out more about what the #BlogGreatness challenges are click here.

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In 2015 #brunchclub and #NZBloggers came together to create #BlogGreatness; a weekly prompt or suggestion to blog about – no matter your blogging genre.

Who can join in?

You can! and you can and you too! -oprah moment-
Want to? Then go for it!  You don’t need anything to get you going other than your blog – take on the challenge of this weeks suggestion and blog greatness, there is no right or wrong blog post. There will be weekly link up posts on the #brunchclub website and links to it from the #NZbloggers facebook group.

The Rules / Submission Guidelines

  1. Your post must contain the phrase #BlogGreatness.
    Example: This post is part of the monthly link up party #BlogGreatness. This challenge aims to connect, encourage and influence New Zealand bloggers.
  2. Your entry must link back to the weeks challenge post you are participating in or the about #nzbloggers page.
  3. You can enter with new or old posts.
  4. You can submit any amount of entries in the week challenge, as long as it’s relevant to the weeks theme/challenge.

I hope some of you can join us!

#BlogGreatness Blogging Challenge with #nzbloggers