We hosted a google hangouts #laptopclub: Media Kits a little while ago, where we asked YOU what you put in your media kits, what to do if you don’t get much traffic, and how to display all of this essential information.

We decided to take it a step further and ask the recipients of masses of media kits what they love to see in them – and turned it into the ultimate media kit checklist for bloggers, with suggestions direct from PR companies!

“Bloggers should think of Media Kits as a resume for their blog. The information should be simple and straight to the point – no fluff.”

The Must Haves

These are the items that came up across all of the media/PR companies we asked, so make sure you include these:

  • Name of blog
  • Contact details
  • Links to blog + social media accounts
  • Social media followers (include relevant social medias and number of followers/like)
  • Unique monthly browsers
  • What the blog is about + target audience
  • Other brands they have worked with, press mentions
  • Timeframes available for projects (e.g. are you a student, full-time worker, busy mum)
  • Whether or not they want payment for posts * or if free product is enough for them to consider covering the brand
  • A bit of personal info about the blogger? Age, where they live etc

Other important facts

Interests / blog theme

  • Blog theme / Interests e.g. NZ made skincare / new food products / attending events etc
  • Best contact time
  • eNewsletter subscribers
  • Other engagement with readers
  • Giveaway opportunities
  • Any stats / info on who reads their blog and their demographic
  • Length of time that the blogger has been blogging for

Cool extras they like seeing

More the merrier? If it’s relevant to your blog, then yes it is! The more they know then the more specific they can get.

  • Pets/animals and their names – hey we might want to send your pet something cool!
  • Shoe sizes – who can say no to a new pair of shoes?
  • Clothing sizes – as above, but also realise this is very personal and may be difficult to ask for/blogger may not want to publish

Rates *

If you’re in a position to be able to charge for your services you should list the different options available for example-

  • Sidebar advertising (include size + $ value per month/or click/ or impression)
  • Sponsored posts (stipulate what you will/won’t do e.g all words my own but to be approved by the brand before going live etc or whatever works for you)

Other rate helpers to consider popping in: CPM rate and social media mention rate.

“The best thing is to be succinct –  fit the information on one page and stick to lists rather than paragraphs”


We hope this post has helped you create the ultimate media kit!
Is there anything else you’ve added to your media kit that you would suggest others add to theirs?

Thanks to all of our PR buddies for helping us out with this post.