#BRUNCHCLUB and #NZBloggers guide to Facebook interest lists

We are all about supporting other bloggers, so today we’re talking Interest Lists.

What the hell is an Interest List?

An Interest List is a way to organise and view content you’re interested in on Facebook.

What sort of content?  

At #brunchclub we’re mainly concerned in the official Facebook Pages for our member’s blogs, but it could also be public updates from people you follow.

#brunchclub's guide to Interest Lists is here! Where do I find Interest Lists? 

If you look on the left hand side of your Facebook feed you’ll find Facebook’s Bookmark area including pages, groups, apps and then Interests. Any Interest Lists you’re subscribed to will appear here.

I’m following a list, what now? 

When you click on a list you’ll be able to see all recent posts from the pages or people within the list. You may also see highlights from the list in your newsfeed.

If you’re following #brunchclub’s Interest List, we encourage you to like the pages within it and then like, comment and share updates within it. You don’t have to interact with everything but the more you interact, the more you’ll be helping out your fellow blogger! The more interactions a post gets on Facebook, the more likely it is to appear in other people’s feeds.

My blog page isn’t in #brunchclub’s Interest List, how do I get added?

To be part of the #brunchclub Interest List you have to be a member of the #brunchclub group and from New Zealand. If your blog isn’t in the list, just hit up one of our wonderful admin (you can find out who we are in the About Section in the group) and we’ll make sure you’re added.

Get it? If not, hit us up in the comments and we’ll sort you out! 🙂