We all have those days/weeks/months where blogging seems like the hardest thing in the world, in fact I’m going through that period right now. So I trawled through all of my favourite blogs, and my own history of posts, to come up with a huge list to help you come up with content for your blog!

We all know that quality over quantity is key, so don’t blog just for the sake of blogging and if you need a break to chill out and have a bit of space then do it! But when you want to come back to it, and need a little help, hopefully this might come in handy.

  1. Ask an expert questions on a relevant topic
  2. How-to tutorial for something you know well (e.g. Growing out a Pixie Cut or Getting Ready for a Date)
  3. Your take on a current debate/opinion piece – the more honest and open, the better!
  4. A monthly wrap up/Taking Stock style of post
  5. Round up either of your own blog posts or of others you have come across
  6. Create a cheat sheet for something e.g. Cheat Sheet for being Gluten Free
  7. Review some new products you have been using
  8. Write about your current goals/aspirations
  9. Create a list of some of your favourite posts that others have been writing
  10. Share a behind the scenes look at your blogging life e.g. your working space
  11. Interview some of your favourite bloggers, especially if there is one topic that you think they might have opinions on
  12. Put together a mood board of some products you have been lusting over
  13. Show us where you live! Take your camera on a walk through your neighbourhood and share a little slice of your life
  14. Share what you have learnt so far in your blogging journey, and any tips and tricks
  15. Photo post e.g. a travel photo diary
  16. Take yourself shopping with a limited budget as a challenge e.g. for makeup and/or fashion and see what you come up with!
  17. Round up some of your favourite recipes that you cook on a weekly basis
  18. Do a post on your different social media accounts and where people can find them
  19. Come up with an issue and tips on how to solve it e.g. bad lighting at home and taking blog photos or avoiding photo flashback
  20. Show off an Outfit of the day, even if you aren’t normally a fashion blogger
  21. Share a bit about your life
  22. And then do the 50 random facts tag!
  23. Empty out your handbag/travel bag/backpack and share what comes out
  24. Share a recipe for your favourite cocktail/mocktail
  25. Create a list on something random e.g. your favourite disney movies, books you remember from childhood
  26. Get a bit deep and meaningful and talk about the people who inspire you
  27. Do a roundup of some of your favourite foodie places to go in your city
  28. Create something free e.g. a printable for your readers, or link to some free resources that you’ve found
  29. FAQs that you receive from readers
  30. Create a DIY for readers, bonus points if it can double as a Christmas present
  31. Host a giveaway to encourage engagement and give back to your readers
  32. Comparison post e.g. Maybelline vs Revlon lip products/iPhone vs Samsung
  33. Discuss a certain definition e.g. authenticity and what this means for you and your blog
  34. Feature some of your favourite quotes in one inspirational list, even better if you can create some beautiful graphics to go with
  35. Share a personal experience e.g. your first rejection or the happiest moment of your life
  36. Create a challenge that readers can be a part of e.g. a spending ban or a healthy eating month
  37. Share some tips on a certain topic e.g. attending blogging events or going on a motorcycle camping trip
  38. Rewrite an old blogpost with new photos and extra content
  39. Talk about your personal style and how it has evolved over the years
  40. Money advice or tips on budgeting
  41. Share some of your favourite apps e.g. apps you use for productivity/staying organised
  42. Talk about a hobby of yours e.g. cross stitch
  43. Take some photos of your home and the little pieces that you love and share a bit of your real life space
  44. Share some of the things that make you happy
  45. Travel tips or a wanderlust tag
  46. Advice on blogging and social media e.g. how to improve your engagement or what to do once you start a blog
  47. How do you stay fit and healthy? Share some of your favourite ways to exercise
  48. Create a survey for your readers to give you feedback on what they want to see more of on your blog
  49. Do a colour themed post
  50. Post about your pet because we all know that animals rule the internet

Do you have any other types of posts that could be added to this list? Let us know below what you can fallback on when the inspiration is lacking